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Lengthen your swimming season and enhance your swimming experience by means of heating your swimming pool with an easy, cost effective swimming pool solar panel solution.


We Manufacture High Quality Solar Panels and Fittings.

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"Since moving to Aquaheat Solar as a supplier, I have been receiving great feedback from my clients and co-workers. I highly recommend this business." - Bruce Smith

Aquaheat Solar Heated Swimming Pool vs. Non-Heated Swimming Pool

An unheated pool will usually allow you 4 month’s usage, however when your pool is heated via solar heating, you can extend the use to 7 months of the year. Make the right decision for your family today!
Aquaheat Solar Heated Swimming Pool
  • Warm and Extended Season

    Extend your swimming season by as much as 3 quarters of the year.

Unheated Swimming Pool
  • Cold and Reduced Season

    Swimming season is reduced throughout the year.

Having to take into account sunshine and wind - The heat of your pools water depends on the intensity of sunshine on the day of swimming, being solar heated this obviously means that you will have cooler water in overcast weather. Wind, often overlooked, does have a cooling effect on solar heating; it would be wise to add an additional solar panel to the calculators estimate to make up for the loss of heat.
"I have been using solar heating panels for many years now and this product by far is the best I have come across. Highly recommend!" - Amanda Gates
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Tel: +27 86 150 3550
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri (08:00-17:00)
Sat & Sun (Closed)
"I was unable to install the panels myself and reached out to Aquaheat Solar and they were able to give me the advice I needed to get the job done." - John Pledger
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